Puma EvoSpeeds 1.3 emulate the Dragon
Puma EvoSpeeds 1.3 emulate the Dragon
June 12, 2015
Puma EvoSpeeds 1.3 emulate the Dragon

Our friends from Puma recently released the new EvoSpeeds 1.3 boot in a graphic design. The design features a Japanese Dragon, which was the symbol for speed, power, wisdom, and agility. Much like the Japanese Dragon the EvoSpeeds was designed for speed and agility. Players like Sergio Aguero, Marco Reus, Radamel Falcao, Antoine Griezmann, Marco Verratti and Santi Cazorla are currently wearing these boots.

 I personally have had the privilege of having these wonderful cleats for about two weeks now and upon unboxing the shoe is very flashy but not too flashy as if it were painted neon. The "flash" comes from the very beautiful dragon depiction and the colors that are used to contrast the graphic.

 I have put these boots to the test on all fields from artificial turf fields to fields with real "grass" but the multiple patches of crab grass all over loosely define grass. These cleats perform well on all fields fake or real; in fact the shoes have a bit of scale like design on them. Which I have found that it seems to have a bit of an advantage in the criteria of one's first touch.

 The first touch with these cleats by Puma is absolutely sublime especially if you have a pet peeve in regards to one's first touch on the ball. Another feature to these boots they are super light weight. The point that the boot is lightweight is a major attribute when it comes to being quick on the ball.

The last set of boots I received was the red/bright pink EvoSpeeds and the difference one can find on the shoes is the scale like design. The scales must add an extra sense of adhesion when the ball comes into contact with the boot. Comparing the two EvoSpeeds together the graphic dragon design boot offers a better first touch than the bright EvoSpeeds.


Everyone has different feet and your feet are different than mine, my feet are in fact a bit wide at the mouth closest to the toes. The only thing I have found to be off about the boot is that occasionally I feel like the sides of my feet feel like they will slip out. That is the only thing I have with these shoes other than that they are absolutely fantastic. The fact that my "fat feet" occasionally feel off after playing 70 minutes straight the problem isn't much the boot but more along the lines of my DNA. 

Posted by Gio Franco at 2:48 PM