Football betting at a record-breaking high
Football betting at a record-breaking high
July 14, 2014
Football betting at a record-breaking high

When Germany and Argentina went head to head at the World Cup Final, English bookmakers were set to record some of the biggest takings in history. It seems that football has become an invaluable sport in the betting industry and wagers are currently hitting all-time highs, especially with some of the rather surprising moments the World Cup has produced.

Bookies were expected to take in around 40 million pounds for the final, breaking the previous record of the amount wagered on the 2012 Champions League Final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. William Hill has already exceeded its 200 million pound target for this summer’s World Cup, despite the home team’s rather hasty exit from the tournament.  England’s biggest bookies have already doubled the amount wagered during the 2012 FIFA World Cup, and this shows the increase in the number of bettors who are taking an interest in this aspect of the sport.

Record-breaking World CupSports betting sites are doing a roaring trade and this has had a knock-on effect on football entertainment, with slots games like Soccer Safari being in demand at sites like It’s clear that with mobile and online portals now available, sports betting is far more accessible to punters and there’s a whole new generation of bettor whose been putting their money behind their predictions in the hope of winning big.

Bookmakers have clearly capitalised on the World Cup and the amount of ads pushed during televised matches has certainly had an impact on reaching an all-time betting high. The tournament has also come at a good time for the industry, as when the new taxes come into effect they will be expected to shell out around 400 million pounds annually, so record breaking takings now are holding them in good stead.

It’s not only the bookies who are making money this World Cup; punters are also reaping the rewards from the surprise results of the games. 4 lucky bettors struck it rich when they put money on Germany to beat Brazil by an outlandish score of 7-1 in the semi, and there have been many others who have been surprised by their successful payouts.

Germany beats ArgentinaThe increase in football betting began long before the World Cup, but it’s almost certain that this event has attracted new punters who are contributing to the record breaking takings.

Posted by Rafa Gonzales at 8:34 AM