New Puma EvoPowers and EvoSpeeds
New Puma EvoPowers and EvoSpeeds
February 2, 2015
New Puma EvoPowers and EvoSpeeds


The Transfer deadline day has made this Monday as chaotic and pressing for those who closely follow football at the club level. Today the good people at Puma have finally released to purchase in stores the brand new EvoPowers and a new color to the EvoSpeeds. The new EvoPower 1.2 FG boot boasts the new generation technology that aids the boot in generating more power and accuracy to ones kick.


Along with the EvoPowers Puma also released a new color scheme to their much-boasted EvoSpeeds 1.3 cleats. The boot will be kicking out the winter months mixing bright plasma, white and peacoat. The EvoSpeeds now have a bright look that will put ones opposition in awe of the bright color scheme to go along with ones speed and agility on the pitch.


One of the stand out players that sports Puma boots on the pitch is one of Chelsea’s high prized midfield generals, Cesc Fabregas. When Cesc was asked about how he feels about the boot he praised the boot for being one of the most comfortable boots “he has ever worn.” The Chelsea number four was asked also about if the boot has improved since its last release. Fabregas emphasized on how the cleats are “lighter now and your touch is even better now.” Finally the Spanish midfielder was asked about what attribute he sees to be most important accuracy or power and which he would consider himself more, a powerful player or accurate player.

Fabregas stated “both are very important, but I believe more in accuracy because the power is more about how physically strong you are, and accuracy is about the technical ability that you have. So, I personally believe more in accuracy. I am definitely an accuracy player.”


Puma also released with these boots a short film was posted to YouTube with both Cesc Fabregas and Mario Balotelli sporting the EvoPowers and its attributes to their game.


Coming soon will be thorough account of the boots….. 


Posted by Gio Franco at 2:08 PM