This will be "their finest hour"
This will be
May 19, 2014
This will be "their finest hour"


Time is vital today, in terms for the Red Devils this summer their time is in fact limited from the end of this season to the 1st of September. After what will be a more than woeful campaign the Red Devils are looking to regroup to fight another day. The only difference between this campaign and the last was the obvious switch in managers and what could be arguably a minor reinforcement of the squad with the additions of Mouraine Fellaini and Juan Mata. Certain moments looked possibly bright for United with the development of Adnan Januzaj into the United first squad. The concern among the fans and the Red Devil board was their manager's capabilities in regards to tactics, player selection and substitutions.


The appointment of David Moyes after the announced retirement of the "greatest manager in British history" Sir Alex Ferguson has been a discussion from Moyes hiring to his sacking. At times it appeared that Moyes was able to get results in certain games, for example the display in Greece against Olympiacos and the second leg comeback in Old Trafford. Perhaps the second leg comeback should be more accredited to the performance of one Robin Van Persie, whose hat trick saw United progress to the next round. At this point though in fact that same comeback, many United fans probably saw the alarm bells blaring. When Robin Van Persie was allowed to play the full 90 minutes and was subbed off when he picked up a knee injury on the 90-minute mark. Which the Dutch striker has yet to return to play for the Red Devils with his concerns of playing in the World Cup this summer.


The contrary though Robin Van Persie’s injury against Olympiacos occurred in middle of March. So before David Moyes’ "Ides of March" what was the issue for the Red Devils leading up to that point? At one point and moment United "looked as if they were going to break back into the top four" after their dismal approach this season. Although that last statement has been said before about David Moyes when he was in charge of Everton Football Club. Throughout Moyes tenure at Goodison Park that very same statement or concept was echoing among the blue side of Liverpool. This occasion though these comments followed Moyes to United, comments that United supporters were not accustomed to hearing. In fact these comments are something that the supporters would of never heard under the Ferguson regime.


In the match leading up to the United comeback, before their horrid defeat against Olympiacos in Greece, United suffered another heart wrenching loss at the hands of their English rivals Liverpool. In Manchester the match before United traveled to Greece United entertained Liverpool. This match overshadowed the Red Devil's disheartening defense; which both Phil Jones and Rafael each conceded penalty for Steven Gerrard to convert from the spot. The somber sight could of been worst, in ways made things worst, as United's skipper was sent off for minimal contact with Sturridge, which lucky for the Red Devils, Gerrard missed his third penalty. Although the match ended in a 0-3 lost to the Red Devil's rivals Liverpool, some extra damage was evidently inflicted.


Many have described Manchester United as a team like the New York Yankees. In the sense of that when they are successful many claim they are the greatest in the world, if they show the opposite many speak about it as if it were an impending apocalypse. Reasonably so since the mid 90s Manchester United has enjoyed a very successful two decades. Which many of the hardened supporters would notice a growing number of fans joining their ranks, but many in which couldn't describe the club or name current players. The "Plastics" at one point United boasted to have one of the largest fan bases on twitter. After the lost to Liverpool at Old Trafford this year, according to Twitter, United lost almost a quarter of a million followers. Rather large clubs from England have once fallen from grace and lost a fair amount of its "plastic" supporters, look where they are today, Liverpool. In light to the loss of Twitter followers many of the Red Devil faithful actually welcome the lost of their "plastic" supporters.


This summer will be quite crucial, with the most recent lost coming from Sunderland at Old Trafford, in fact Sunderland's first win at Old Trafford since 1968, basically sealing the deal that United need a Manager with winning accreditation. The man at the helm has finally changed and it will be Louis Van Gaal. Van Gaal does have a very extensive resume when it comes to success as a manager. Louis won the Eredivisie for Ajax from 1993 through 1996 also winning the Champion’s League for Ajax in 1995. Louis Van Gaal was also in charge of Barcelona for a period of time winning La Liga back to back from 1997-1999 as well as winning the Copa del Rey for the blaugrana in 1998. More recent accolades coming for the Dutch boss in the form of a Bundesliga and DFB Pokal victories with Bayern Munich in their 2009-2010 campaign.


There is a need for "summer clearance" at United, with Vidic due to leave with Giggs retiring taking on a supportive role to Louis Van Gaal. The United faithful are looking to "air out" the old fortress with a growing frustration being exhibited at the likes of Nani, Ashley Young, and Danny Welbeck. Which many reports state of the possibilities of all three moving on, as well a Vidic leaving for Italy, Giggs retiring and Anderson's departure to Fiorentina possibly being permanent. The axe has been wielded on David Moyes and now should be the time to cut out the excess of underperforming players from amongst the squad. Last year's champions of England have faltered stupendously; the new question currently looms amongst United supporters. In regards to the possibility of the “cavalry” coming over the hill to reinforce the stricken Manchester outfit, since the exodus of players might soon commence.  


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